Commercial buildings typically depend on electricity for most of their operations. The consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much greater than that of the night time, which makes them ideally suited to solar power as electricity is generated during the daytime.

Tax Benefits
Accelerated depreciation benefits, Tax holiday, Provision of bank loan for commercial and Industrial buildings.
Cost effective
Rooftop solar power has a cost of Rs. 4.5-5/kWh (or less), considerably lower than diesel power cost at Rs. 18/kWh (or more). Additionally, your energy cost is now fixed for the next 25 years, unlike diesel power which keeps increasing.
Minimal maintenance
A solar plant requires very little maintenance like cleaning of panels.
Flexible configurations
Solar panels can be installed on different kinds of roofs, including covered parking areas,etc. as long as the structure can bear the weight of the panels.
A solar power plant has no moving parts, it ensures stable and reliable power for a long period.