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Solar Double Axis Tracker: Maximize Solar Energy Harvesting and Efficiency

Solar Double Axis Tracker (SDAT) systems are advanced solar technologies that optimize energy generation by precisely tracking the sun’s movement in two axes: horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (elevation). By continuously adjusting the solar panel’s orientation to face the sun, SDAT systems can significantly increase energy harvesting and improve the overall efficiency of solar projects.

SDAT systems maximize solar energy capture by maintaining an optimal angle between the solar panels and the sun throughout the day. This dynamic tracking feature allows for a higher solar energy yield compared to fixed-tilt systems, especially in areas with variable weather conditions and changing sun positions.

By actively following the sun’s path, SDAT systems ensure that solar panels are always positioned perpendicular to the sun’s rays. This alignment maximizes the absorption of sunlight and minimizes energy losses due to shadows, reflections, or suboptimal angles. The result is higher energy production and improved system efficiency.

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